Girls banquet

Reid Priddy - Guest Speaker

2008 - Gold Medalist in Beijing, China
2016 - Bronze Medalist in Rio, Brazil
3-time NCAA All-American
Training for 2020 Olympics in beach volleyball!

This year our banquet will be hosted at LifeZone 360!

When: April 22nd | 3:30p - 7:30p (Doors open at 3p)
Located at: 999 W Main St, West Dundee, IL 60118
Cost: $20 per person (catered dinner included)
Registration: Click here to sign up
If you can't make it please email us at tmaruyama@servecityinc.org

This event is structured differently than last year, so please make sure to read all the exciting details below!

We are raffling off the following three items for our teams from Reid Priddy!
Tickets are one for $5 or three for $10.  

  • Reid will serve as your team's coach for one match on the turf
  • Team dinner with Reid
  • Signed volleyball by Reid (individual prize)

Help us meet our goal to raise $1,500 to cover our remaining expenses associated with bringing to life this once in a lifetime experience for our athletes. 

Winners will be selected on Friday, April 21, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will get to select the prize of their choice in the order of the names pulled.


Doors open at 3:00 p.m. at Lifezone 360. This year, our event will run quite differently than last year, as we are going to host a mini club grass tournament to get the event started. Indoor grass courts will be set up around the facility so our athletes can compete in a Serve City in-house tournament to kick off the event!

Each match will start promptly at 4:00, 4:40 and 5:20 with the seated portion of the banquet beginning at 6:00. Each team will play two matches and have 40 minutes "off" to eat, drink, play against parents on open courts and enjoy themselves in this amazing facility.

To maximize our time, we will run the grass event with each match comprised of two sets to 21 and a hard stop at 40 minutes. Each of our 15 girls club teams will have a team playing 6's in the grass. Teams will be self-coached, with our coaches serving as the referees on each court. We are beyond excited to offer this fantastic ending to our girls club season. 

Three open courts will also be available for parents, siblings and athletes to play and enjoy themselves during the entire event. There will also be a soccer field open for everybody to try out a crazy unique sport called bubble soccer.

(For an additional charge, kids can utilize the onsite hover park. Registration is required in advance online at http://www.hoverpark.com

Grass Volleyball Schedule

Court #1

4:00p | 12 Smack vs. 13 White
4:40p | 13 White vs. 13 Blue
5:20p | 13 Blue vs. 12 Smack

Court #4

4:00p | 15 Smack vs. 15 Blue
4:40p | 15 Blue vs. E14 Smack
5:20p | E14 Smack vs. 15 Smack

Court #2

4:00p | E13 Smack vs. 14 Blue
4:40p | 14 Blue vs. E14 Blue
5:20p | E14 Blue vs. E13 Smack

Court #5

4:00p | 16 Smack vs. 17 Smack
4:40p | 16 Smack vs. 18 Smack
5:20p | 18 Smack vs. 17 Smack

Court #3

4:00p | R15 Smack vs. 14 Smack
4:40p | 14 Smack vs. 15 White
5:20p | 15 White vs. R15 Smack

More Information

  • Dinner will be provided by Bricks Pizza, Lifezone 360's on-site, in-house restaurant. There will be gluten-free options available.
  • Any participants on the courts playing must submit this fast waiver online. It is required to be filled out prior to the event. To complete the waiver go to http://lifezone360.com/ 
  • Our space has a high capacity, so we are encouraging athletes to bring their whole family, grandparents and more for an incredible experience. Family members will have great seating to watch the grass tournament, jump in on the open courts, or knock around in the bubble soccer pitch. To top it all off they will enjoy an excellent buffet of food and meet a four-time Olympian!
  • Dress is athletic attire for those in the grass tournament competition and very casual for everyone.
  • If you can't come the whole time, please note that dinner will be served open buffet style from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. In addition, the seated ceremony portion of the event will be from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
  • Our staff will be honoring four athletes for all-club awards, and two athletes on each team will receive MVP and Most Improved Player trophies. 
  • Reid Priddy will be in attendance throughout the event displaying his gold and bronze medals. Make sure to say hi and take a picture with him!