Local Beach Volleyball Tournaments

Visit the Great Lakes Region tournament page for a list of Chicago-area junior beach doubles tournaments. Visit the Top Flight beach tournament page to register for a tournament hosted by Top Flight Volleyball Club.

serve city tournament featured video

Reeghan Boyer forgets to transition to set but makes up for it with sheer hustle and a skillful dig for a point at the Serve City beach tournament July 16 at McCollum Park in Downers Grove.

Serve City Beach Volleyball Tournaments

Enjoy competitive beach volleyball at tournaments geared to Serve City indoor, beach or park district volleyball athletes! Organize a doubles team and register online!

Serve City Beach doubles Tournaments

Teams compete on the sand courts of McCollum Park in Downers Grove. This is an opportunity for current Serve City beach and/or indoor players to play this fast-growing sport in a competitive environment. Winning teams in each age bracket receive championship t-shirts.

COMPLETED July 16: 14-and-under boys and girls, combined division
COMPLETED July 22: 16-and-under guys and girls combined division and 13-and-under division
COMPLETED July 23: 14-and-under girls division and 14-and-under boys division

Time: play starts at 8 a.m.; half-day tournament that ends at noon (time approximate)

Location: McCollum Park, 6801 Main Street, Downers Grove

Cost: $35 per team ($17.50 per player)

Playing time: each team is guaranteed at least three games

What to bring: water or sport drink, sunscreen, sunglasses or visor, snacks, and lunch.

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Players must all play in the same age bracket and cannot play down an age. Example: if you are entering a triples team in the 3 on 3 tournament, if one of you will be 15 before Sept. 1, 2016, and the other two players will be 14 or younger, your team must enter the 16-and-under bracket.
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