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In beach volleyball, everyone has to be a setter, even if you never set in indoor volleyball. Follow these three tips to develop into a successful setter in the sand.

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This advanced series of drills starts with this great drill for working on hand setting and the footwork needed to face your hitting target.

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week of july 15:

serve city beach blog: you can be a setter!

In beach volleyball, everyone has to be a setter, even if you never set in indoor volleyball. Follow these three tips to develop into a successful setter in the sand.

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Olympian Stein Metzger shows how to find your starting spot before making your approach and hitting in beach volleyball.

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beach volleyball challenge of the week

Watch this video and play an exciting game that teaches athletes how to compete for every point.


week of july 8:

serve city beach blog: 4 steps to get you ready for your first beach volleyball tournament

Prepare for your first-ever beach volleyball tournament by following this plan of action.

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Pro beach player Mike Morrison brings you this drill to get you into shape for beach tournaments while improving your movement to the ball, quickness and passing short and deep balls.

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Simpler and more challenging versions of this drill will help you learn how to run through the ball and pass it accurately to your teammate while on the move.

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week of july 1:

serve city beach blog:
the most important skill in beach volleyball

Serve receive is essential to being a good beach doubles team. Here are five steps you can take to develop your serve receive skills.

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AVP Volleyball Pro Angie Akers shows you attacking. Learn the secrets of the 3-step approach, why your first step is different from the last two and why the last 2 are your "explosion" steps.

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In the Weakest Link game, the player who makes the error that ends the rally is replaced by the next player waiting on the sidelines. Fun, fast-paced action with lots of touches on the ball for everybody.

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week of june 24:

beach volleyball tip of the week

UCLA beach volleyball coach Stein Metzger explains one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of hand and bump setting in the sand in this two-minute video.

serve city beach blog: the benefits of beach

What happens when athletes pour sweat and sacrifice into learning the beach game? Discover specific ways how beach volleyball can improve players' indoor volleyball performance in the second entry of our new beach blog: click here for more.

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beach challenge of the week: u passing drill

Watch this short video, then have a family member or friend serve as your tosser for this great drill that will help you improve your footwork, quickness and forearm passing skills.



serve city beach volleyball quiz and contest

Take this quiz and email your answers to jsmith@servecityathletics.org by June 24. Answer all 10 questions correctly and your name will be entered in a special drawing. The winning name drawn will win a free registration for one of our beach volleyball tournaments July 15 or July 22!

1. A beach volleyball court's dimensions are A) 30 by 60 feet, B) 29-6 by 59 feet, C) 26-3 by 52-6

2. True or false: Beach doubles requires players to stay in rotation throughout the match.

3. Players may only receive a ball from their opponent with their hands if it is A) a serve, B) a hard-driven attack they have no time to react to otherwise, C) a free ball too high to pass with a platform

4. When playing a set to the best of 21 points, teams switch sides of the court every A) seven points, B) five points, C) nine points

5. True or false: Coaching during tournament matches is not allowed.

6. Open-hand tips are A) legal only at the pro level, B) illegal at all levels, C) legal at all levels

7. True or false: The height of the net in beach volleyball is the same as for indoor volleyball.

8. Which of the following is not a legal beach hit: A) poke, B) cobra, C) camel toe, D) dink

9. True or false: Like in indoor, a block of an opponent's attack at the net does not count as one of the three allowed touches in the beach game.

10. How many referees officiate a junior beach volleyball tournament match? A) 1, B) 2, C) 0

beach challenge of the week: 1 on 1 games

Serve City beach athletes: Play games of 1 on 1 this weekend. They're a great way to hone your new beach skills, and all you need is one other person, a net (even some ribbon tied to serve as a net) and a beach volleyball!

If you have access to a volleyball court or net (sand, grass or indoor surface is fine), mark off the dimensions of the court so that it's a smaller-sized court, such as 13 feet deep on either side of the net (half the length of one side of a beach court) and 10 to 13 feet wide. Play games of 1 on 1 with a partner. Play normal beach rules, starting each rally with preferably an overhand or even jump serve or a roll shot. Each player can use up to 3 contacts to deliver the ball over the net. This will help develop a wide range of skills, including bump and hand setting, digging and beach shots.

As you compete, remember to play by the beach rules you're learning. For instance, you can't receive the first ball over the net with your hands unless it's a hard-driven attack; you'll need to form a tomahawk, beach dig, reverse platform or one-armed dig. Open-hand tipping is also illegal in beach. Use a poke, cobra (for older players), roll shot, camel toe or a fist when the ball is tight to the net.

As you progress, play 1 on 1 using the full length of a regulation-sized court but keeping the court half the width of a normal court. This way you can work on a full-court serve and serve receive.


Coach Jeff Smith, Coach Tim Maruyama and Coach Alex Hurlburt will be sharing tips and insights on how to get the most out of your sand game in our new weekly beach volleyball blog. Click here to check out our first blog post!

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Olympic beach volleyball medalist Holly McPeak teaches how to pass a volleyball while playing in the sand in this short instructional video. Enjoy!