Elgin 13 Smack Sample Practice Plans

This page features select team practice plans. Feel free to read through these to discover how Serve City Elgin 13 Smack is training athletes.

november 21

7:00-7:15 (middle court): butterfly drill

Concentration on passing to setter: Toss over net to passer, pass to setter, setter catches the ball and goes to the opposite tosser position with the ball, tosses to the opposite side’s passer, who passes it to the setter.  Tosser becomes passer, passer becomes setter, setter catches the ball and becomes the other passer, etc., rotating in numerical order below. Keep track of how many passes you individually get to the setter in the allotted time. Concentrate on proper passing form, platform to setter, moving feet to the ball.

Tosser   (1)                                          Passer (5)

                                Setter (6)            


                                Setter (3)

Passer (2)                                            Tosser (4)


7:15-7:30: 10-20-30 game: 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, skinny courts. Concentrate again on passing to setter.

7:30-8:00 (court 3)2 v 2 (two groups) and 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 (one group); 5 minutes cooperative, then 5 minutes competitive on skinny courts

1 point for every good pass to setter; 1 point for 1 contact over the net, 2 points for 2 contacts and 3 points for 3 contacts.

Then 5 minutes of open serving, watching who needs extra work on form. Then play the 3-2-1 serving game. We’ll talk about the zones in the court first to make sure everyone knows the zone numbers. Servers will serve two at a time, scoring 3 points if the ball lands in the zone I’m standing in, 2 if it’s one zone over, 1 if it’s in but nowhere near the zone and 0 if it’s out or in the net. Keep track of individual points.

8:00-8:30 (side walls/church lobby): 10 minutes – wall series (wall bumping; wall setting close; super-girl sets; back bumps)

Then 15-20 minutes of “Death Cube” in the church lobby (core strength and agility training): 1=jump rope series (30 seconds feet together/30 left/30 right/30 boxing step); 2=20 seconds/20/30 plank series; 3=2 sets of stairs; 4=60 second wall sits; 5=5 sets small agility hurdles; 6=15 power sit-ups.

8:30-9:00 (court 1): talk about the 4-2 system that we will be running for the first part of the season, how we rotate, transition, etc. Then play 6 vs. 4 – passers vs. servers.  Mini-games to 5. Both teams rotate after winning off opponents serve so I can see where the skill sets lie. Side with 4 players has a MF (setter), RB, MB, LB.

december 1

December 19