Elgin 14 Smack Sample Practice Plans

This page features select team practice plans. Read through these to discover how Serve City Elgin 14 Smack is training athletes.

november 21

7:15 to 7:20: wall passing and setting technical skills circuit

  • forearm passing 50 in a row

  • wall setting close

  • superman setting: high sets, hut sets, quick sets, back sets, side sets, dumps

7:23 to 7:30: 1v1+1 10-10-10 cooperative challenge

  • 10 consecutive 3 contacts using passes and sets
  • 10 consecutive 3 contacts using a standing attack on the third contact
  • 10 consecutive 3 contacts using a jump attack on the third contact
  • 6 minutes to achieve all three levels
  • use of 1 or 2 contacts or the incorrect third contact is a wash

7:30 to 7:45: jump and overhand serving

  • 5 in row, then hit zones 5 from 1, 5 from 5, 1 from 1 and 1 from 5

7:45 to 8:00: 2v2 Bjerring tournament

  • videotape it on iPad
  • rallies to 1, games to 5 randomize partners 1-10 all serves from bleachers side of court top scorer after 3 rounds wins

8:00: halfcourt butterfly transition-pass-set-hit-block-dig game

8:10: hitters vs. defense

8:30: introduce and practice 6-2 system out of serve receive, base, defense and offense

  • go through all six rotations of 6-2

8:55; volleyball knockout

9:00: mannequin challenge

december 19

7:00 to 7:15: wall passing and setting series:

  • 50 passes in a row
  • wall setting close
  • high, hut and shoot sets
  • quick sets
  • back sets
  • side sets
  • dumps

7:15 to 7:20: 1v1 cooperative (volley tennis, then 2 contacts, 3 contacts and 3 contacts with a jump attack

7:21 to 7:28: 1v1+1 10-10-10 challenge in 7 minutes or less

7:30: jump or standing overhand serves from zone 5 to zone 5, 5 to 1, 1 to 5 and 1 to 1

7:40: 2v2 Bjerring half-court mini-tournaments (3 rounds)

7:55: 3v3 Bjerring full-court mini-tournaments (2 rounds)

8:00 to 8:20: 5-player halfcourt butterfly competitive

  • 1 point for each pass to setter, jump kill, stuff block, block touch and dig to blocker/setter
  • Round 1: hitting from back row and OH
  • Round 2: hitting from back row and Opp (back sets only to Opp)
  • Round 3: hitting from back row and MH (quicks only to MH)

8:20 to 8:30: hitters vs. defense

8:30 to 8:50: 3v6 games to 4

  • 3 side does all the serving and 6 side receives all serves
  • Mix up lineups after each game
  • 6 side can only score using pass-set-hit sequence
  • 3 side can win a point in any way

8:50 to 9:00: 3v3v3 full-court Christmas speedball

  • Winning team earns Christmas candy
  • No more than 6 seconds between rallies
  • Can only win points off kills, aces and blocks

january 30


















february 27

Everything over a net, competitive, scored and gamelike

6:15 to 6:20: 1v1 cooperative ball control progression competition

6:20 to 6:25: 1v1 3-step topspin jump serve, dig to self and catch competition

6:25 to 6:30: 1v1+1 cooperative 10-10-10 competition

6:30 to 6:35: 2v2 cooperative 3 contacts (partners rotate roles each time they send ball over net)

6:35 to 6:40: 2v2 cooperative with jump sets of 3-point passes

6:40 to 6:45: 2v2+1 competitive back-row attack game (can only score points off jump kills)

6:45 to 6:55: 3v3v3 speed queens (points for jump kills, aces and back-row players covering front-row hitter and communicating the open areas to hit to)

6:55 to 7:05: zone serving game (5-5, 5-1, 1-5, 1-1 and short zones)

7:05 to 7:20: hitter war (bonus point for kills off our quicks, huts, gaps and slides we're learning)

7:20 to 7:45: around the world serve/serve receive competition while learning 5-1 system (goal is scoring a pass-set-hit jump kill in all six rotations in under 9 minutes)

7:45 to 7:55: hitters vs. defense (focus on slides and huts)

7:55 to 8:00: Rotating Columbus 5v5

Hustle and best attitude awards, next practice is Feb. 6 at Lifezone, team cheer


Theme today: being in attack mode as servers, hitters and even as setters using aggressive setter dumping

6:15: 1v1+1 10-10-10 in two groups (shuffling feet to pass ball primarily at midline)

·         Maya, Mariah, Grace

·         Julia, Alexa, Hayley

·         Anna, Joelle, Lainey

6:22: 2v2 short court (15-foot line) competitive pass-set-jump tip and jump roll (jump setting)

·         Highest consecutive score wins

·         Use your washes wisely

·         Rotate positions each time you clear ball over net

·         Earn it points for blocks, block touches, aces and jump kills

·         Joelle, Lainey, Alexa (1 front-row setter, 1 BR passer who covers OH and 1 OH) vs. Maya-Anna

·         Grace-Mariah vs. Julia-Hayley

6:27: 1v1 skinny court jump float and jump spin (focus: platform out in front of body and hold finish; R-L footwork on jump spin; antenna height on jump floats)

·         1 point for every ace

·         1 point for every high dig to self that you catch in front of you

·         Hayley v. Maya

·         Mariah v. Grace

·         Anna v. Joelle

·         Alexa v. Lainey v. Julia (speedball style)

6:32: Zone serving game

·         First to hit zones 5-5, 5-1, 1-5, 1-1 and zones 2, 3 and 4 wins

6:35: Bjerring 2v2 tournament

·         First team to 5 points wins each round

·         Can only win point off an ace or jump attack (hit lands beyond the 10-foot line)

·         3 rounds

·         Round 1: Alexa-Grace, Julia-Mariah, Joelle-Anna, Hayley-Lainey, Maya solo

·         Round 2: Alexa-Hayley, Julia-Anna, Joelle-Maya, Lainey-Mariah, Grace solo

·         Round 3: Alexa-Anna, Julia-Grace, Joelle-Lainey, Maya-Hayley, Mariah solo

6:45: 3 on, 3 off halfcourt
Three teams of 3. Two play out a rally. Loser runs off, and winner runs on. The next serve must go up within 6 seconds after the previous rally ended. If you keep winning you keep playing. Teams keep track of their own composite score.

Maya, Joelle, Anna

Grace, Julia, Hayley

Mariah, Alexa, Lainey

Six 1-minute rounds in this order:
● all forearm passing (aggressive free balls)

● a mix of only setting and passing (aggressive setter dumps)
● anything less than three contacts and you lose the rally
● must send the ball over the net with a jump or at least down-ball attack
● can only jump hit from the back row

● can only jump hit from the front row

6:55: Halfcourt pass-set-hit butterfly

·         Anna FR S, Maya OH, Lainey BR passer, Hayley blocker, Alexa free ball/digger

·         Grace FR S, Mariah OH, Joelle BR passer, Julia free ball/digger (dig to self)

·         BR passers communicate and cover the OH

·         Round 1: high sets to OH (5) and to BR attacker (White)

·         Round 2: hut sets to OH (51) and high sets to BR attacker (White)

·         Round 3: high sets to RH (1) and BR

·         Round 4: quicks and slides to MH (41 and 42 to Mariah, 31 and 22 to Hayley)

·         Not full rotations this time

·         1 point for every accurate pass to setter, set to a jump kill, jump kill, block or block touch and dig high and off net to blocker

7:15: 4v4 red, white and blue back row exchange

·         5 points for every kill off a back row jump attack

·         3 points for every back-row jump attack that goes over net but either out or doesn’t result in kill

·         1 point for free ball to zones 1 or 5 that wins the rally (aggressive free balls)

·         -1 point if back row jump attack goes into net (negative error)

·         Round 1: ball is entered by other team as a free ball

·         Round 2: ball entered off serve

·         Anna S, Maya MB, Joelle LB, Alexa RB

·         Mariah S, Grace MB, Lainey LB, Hayley RB, Julia rotates in for Hayley

7:25: Hitters vs. defense

·         10 points for kills off 51, 41, 31, 42, 22, 1 and Rachel

·         5 points for hitting ball over net off those same plays

·         1 point for kills off 5, 4, 3 that go to either zone 1 or 5

·         5 points for stuff blocks

·         Round 1: Maya OH, Mariah MH, Julia RH, Anna S, Joelle LB v. Grace OH, Hayley MH, Alexa RH, Lainey LB

7:40: Around the world serve receive game

·         5-1 with Anna RB S, Grace RF OH1, Mariah MF MH1, Julia LF RH, Maya LB OH2, Hayley MB MH2

·         Team record is 5 minutes, 15 seconds; take 2 shots to beat that record today

7:50: Rotating Columbus

8:00: 3v3v3 speedball

8:05: Knockout

8;10: Awards (Grace and Maya hustle, Mariah best attitude), Thank You Thursday moved to Tuesday this week, team cheer, cookies