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How to track: 

This first series from 11/7 - 12/16 we will spend 15 minutes each practice competing in mini Bjerring tournaments. After each practice I will upload those 15 minutes of video and athletes will watch the footage and email the results prior to the next practice.

This series athletes will track the following:

  • Aces |  A Service Ace is a serve which results directly in a point. Examples: The serve strikes the opponent's court untouched. The serve is passed by the opponent but can not be kept in play
  • Kills | A Kill is awarded to a player any time an attack is unreturnable by the opposition or any time the attack leads directly to a blocking error by the opposition
  • Passing Average | Every dig, and pass will be rated on a scale of 0 - 3.  1 = playable but OOS. 2 = High ball near setter who could still set outside, and right side. 3 = Perfect ball can set quick to all attackers
  • Blocks | Anytime the player is able to direct the ball to oppositions court and inbound's. 
  • Assists | A player is awarded an Assist whenever that player passes or sets the ball to a teammate who attacks the ball for a Kill. 
  • Hits over the net | Anytime ball is attacked"positive" regardless of in or out, as long is it went over the net. 
  • Serves over the net | Anytime ball is served "positive" regardless of in or out, as long is it went over the net. 
  • Transition to attack | Full approach and high jump
  • Block attempts |  No faults, or violations occurred, and hands have partial/full penetration over
  • Most aggressive | Record how many times the ball dropped on your side of the net (regardless of if it was near you or your teammate). i.e. every time you only have one or two touches as a team you record one error. The exception is if Player A gets first touch, and Player B doesn't get second touch then only Player B has to record error. Our leader will have recorded the fewest drops. 

This week athletes should also answer the following questions: 

1. What is one thing I did well? (Be very specific) 

2. What is one thing a teammate did well? (Be very specific)

3. What will I try and improve on for next practice? 

Practice Notes For Each Player (Updated Last: 11/8/16)

Elizabeth Balicki

Lizzie you have a great attack on a perfect ball. This next practice how to approach out of system. If you are bored this week watch some film on middles attacks. 

Annika Barron

Annika you have such potential to be a powerhouse in the front row! I loved that you pushed yourself and began cultivating a growth mindset and jump top served (You got your first one in which is awesome). This week it might be nice t watch some film on blocking, and attacking footwork. 

Kelli Esposito

Kelli you have such a fun personality on the court! You are very aggressive and move quickly to every ball diving quite a bit. That is a great trait of yours! I would watch film this week on how to read the ball before it comes over so that you can be in the right place more often instead of always having to dive for it. 

Feel better soon! You were missed. 

Anneliese Lockner




Anna you a strong all around player and I can't wait to see you develop into a strong outside. I think you will be able to develop a nice jump top serve as well as a very smart hitter. I would watch film this week on how to hit line. 

Anna Murray




Becca I love how much you talk on the court. You are a great encouraging and communicator. You area very quick and strong back row player and I think you will be a nice versatile serving with jump top and jump float. I would read a few articles this week on how to be a defensive captain, and what it means to be a libero. 

Becca Murray




Abby I was very impressed with how you hit on the outside today. You also have great hands! I would watch film this week on when to release as a setter, as well as what a setter should be reading on defense. 

Abby Reith




Emmi you are a fantastic player. You have the potential to dominate in the front row. You have a strong arm swing and will soon develop good footwork to approach and block well. I would spend time this week watching film on how to block, and approach from the middle, and from the right side as you develop into a more versatile player then before. 

Emmi Shoup



Jessica thanks for coming for the first 30 minutes even though you needed to be at the awards banquet shortly after. I didn't get a great look because of how short you were there but I would watch film on how to be a smart backrow attacker.

Jessica Smith




Allie you have tons of potential as a setter. You are quick, very nice hands, and can disguise who are setting well. This week I would read a few articles on how to lead an offense as a setter. What you should be communicating to your team, and how you should be communicating it. 

Allie Zink