All families can either pay in full by October 30, 2017 or pay monthly on November 1, December 1, January 1 and February 1. If you choose to go with the monthly payment plan, each month will be assessed a 3% fee.

All payments can be made from this page here.
Please choose either "Full or Monthly" and select your player status as either a "Full-Time Player" or "Practice Player."

If you have any payment issues or concerns, please email our Girls Director at

Girls Volleyball
from 77.25

$200 Deposit - Submitted Already

$845 Remaining Payment - Pay in Full

Nov 1st - $211.25 + $6.35
Dec 1st - $211.25 + $6.35
Jan 1st - $211.25 + $6.35
Feb 1st -  $211.25 + $6.35

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We do not want to be debt collectors, so please note if you opt for the monthly plan you will be responsible for making your monthly payments on your own and if you miss a payment you will be assessed a $25 late fee per month you are late, and if not paid in full by the last date there will be an additional $100 fine.