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“Even if you get frustrated by the kids, the parents, the nonsense, the referees. Just remember why you started coaching. Remember why you started playing. Instill your love of this dumb version of don’t let the balloon hit the floor into the kids. Find joy in the small nuances of coaching - a player who successfully made their serve, watching a team be cohesive between matches, and when the light bulb goes off for a player.”
— Sean Manzi, Head Men's Coach at Belmont Abby

Guest Video


You here us talking all the time about Motor Learning, Growth Mindset, Jungle Tigers, and Training Ugly! Here is a video by our fried Trevor Ragan that begins to break it all down for you. I would love for you to watch this video and share it with your parents who are learning about why we do what we do. 


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Encouragement of the Week

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Serve City Practice Planning
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How To Run This Drill

Drill Name: Bring the beach Inside

Video: BJ LeRoy

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FEATURED Practice Plan

Special thanks to Pat Madia for creating this!




To run this practice successfully it must be structuced at a fast pace. Stay consistent on the ball being initiated within six seconds or you lose a point. Stay consistent on hustling through each rotation. To stay competitive, make sure to have the winners of every round posted on the whiteboard and if you have done the game before have the leaderboard present to help encourage the competition.