Serve City Volleyball 2018-2019 Parent Survey

All answers are anonymous. Please answer each question. Thanks for your feedback and help!

My daughter enjoyed playing with Serve City this past season.
We support Serve City's values of Excellence, Relationships and Love for the Game.
My daughter's coach did a great job of coaching her and her team.
My daughter was properly stretched outside her comfort zone through her team's training and tournament competition.
My daughter built positive relationships with her teammates and coach.
My daughter's coach provided strong leadership and quality teaching and set a positive tone for her team's practices and tournaments.
We appreciate Serve City's desire to offer a competitive club volleyball program at a much lower cost than other club programs.
Serve City should raise its club fees to similar levels of other clubs and have its teams practice as many hours as other national club teams in order to attract the top volleyball players in the area.
Two practices a week was a nice balance between proper training and allowing the athletes to live balanced lives with school, church, work and other responsibilities on their plates.