Testimonials from Parents, Athletes and Supporters

I LOVED Serve City for my daughter. The girls had fun. Their coach fostered a close, fun relationship with them as well — I do not believe the relationships between the girls would have developed if there had not been an atmosphere where that was possible through the coach. Those close relationships make the girls really desire to do well on the court. Thanks for everything this club was for the past two years for my daughter. I will cherish the memories.
— Suzanne Luchs
Serve City is a great organization with an even greater mission.
— Jorge D. Perez DeJesus
Serve City Athletics is committed to developing great athletes (which they do), but their commitment to the betterment of the communities they serve is what makes them stand out.
— James Grout, Executive Director, TeamSend
My daughter Jacki had her first experience in volleyball through Serve City. Coach Nick was awesome. He worked with Jacki to get her to her full potential. We had an awesome team of girls and really enjoyed it so much that we are driving 45 minutes to try out and play there again this October. Highly recommended.
— Jacob Lucas
You guys are doing an amazing job! My daughter Calle LOVES your camp! Thanks for making it fun and recognizing players individually as well.
— Lisa Ordway
I love your emphasis on growth as players AND enjoyment of the game and teammates. Over the years, I have heard parents from various clubs talk about their girls losing their love of VB due to the pressures of a focus that was primarily performance based. I’ve heard stories of players dreading practice due to coaching that was joyless and felt punitive. Serve City has a very definitive philosophy that avoids those scenarios. If I had to put it in my own words, I would sum it up this way: “Victories which are void of love for the game and one’s teammates are empty. We’ve succeeded as a club when winning is the result of wanting the best for your teammates and the coach who invested in you as well as for yourself.” I think Serve City’s leaders excel in implementing that philosophy.