20 questions with our new girls club director

by Jeff Smith

I began working as Serve City's girls volleyball director August 15, but my journey as a club director actually was borne 32 years ago out of disappointment.

As one of the veteran players on our boys basketball team, I had high hopes for my senior season of high school, but our coach didn't share those aspirations. He didn't push our team to grow or excel. He was a kind man and cared about each of us on a personal level, but he wasn't driven to help us get the most out of our talent as individual players or as a team. Our practices didn't stretch us outside our comfort zone, teach us new tactics or strategies, train and extend us to be our best or prepare us well for games, either.

Not surprisingly, my senior season was a difficult one. Our team finished in last place in the conference, and my hoops career concluded on a dismal note. I still remember walking out of the gym following a lackluster season-ending loss thinking that, if I ever got the chance to coach my own team, I would push my players to reach their potential. I didn't want any athletes to experience the frustration and lack of development that marred my final basketball season.

More than three decades and nearly 1,400 games as a coach later, I start my tenure as Serve City's girls director ready to pursue the same philosophy that has guided my volleyball and basketball coaching career since 1998. I believe the most effective way a coach communicates that they value their athletes is by giving their players the best possible coaching they can each day. Conversely, I believe athletes demonstrate how important their team is to them by giving their team their best possible effort at each practice and match.

In short, excellence, improvement and realizing our dreams don't just happen. They take commitment, hard work, dedication, investment, enthusiasm, preparation and intentionality.

At Serve City, sweat plus sacrifice will spur on success.

I look forward to watching our coaches and athletes dedicate themselves to striving for excellence at each practice and match this season. The goal will be simple: to get "3 percent better" at their coaching or playing craft every day. If that happens, our athletes will experience significant growth in their skills and understanding of the game, our coaches will grow as leaders and teachers and our teams will make great strides throughout the season as well.

Few things are more satisfying in volleyball than to watch your skills and knowledge of the game improve as you pour yourself into your development as a player or coach.

We'll talk more about what excellence looks like in a practice setting in my next blog post. If you'd like to learn more about me, you can read the questionnaire below and visit my girls director page. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in the gym this season!

20 Questions With: Jeff Smith

Coaching stops: Faith Christian (fifth- to eighth-grade teams), Illinois Heat VBC (18U, 16U, 15U), Harvest Christian Academy (middle school), Serve City (14U, 13U), Serve City sand volleyball (middle school and high school), Chicago Sand Volleyball (middle school and high school), Blaze sand volleyball (middle school and high school), Geneva Park District (middle school), Serve City Recreation (volleyball, basketball), CoachUp.com (private volleyball and basketball lessons for 10U to 18U)

Favorite quote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,  then, is not an act but a habit.

What I enjoy most about volleyball: It's the ultimate team sport, teaching amazing life lessons about teamwork, sacrifice, putting others before self and playing for a cause greater than yourself.

What I enjoy least about volleyball: when teams play not to lose instead of playing to win

Greatest accomplishment: watching my daughters play the game they love

The most important trait for athletic success is: a growth mindset

Favorite volleyball memory: each time I've gotten to help a team or an athlete achieve more than they thought possible

Coach I most admire: John Wooden

If I could change one thing about volleyball: award 10 points for kills off back-row pipe attacks! (my favorite play in volleyball)

Favorite volleyball skills to teach: jump float serve, setting, back-row play, hitting

Favorite volleyball moment: 2013 Aurora Central Catholic tournament championship (coaching my daughters' school team)

Most embarrassing volleyball moment: getting my glasses smashed by an errant serve during a tournament, which has unfortunately happened about a dozen times over the years

Best advice for athletes: There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

What I enjoy most about working with youth: their energy and optimism

Biggest pet peeve in volleyball: athletes who think success comes easy -- you make "easy" happen through commitment, hard work, consistent enthusiasm, learning and a humble, hungry and teachable attitude

Favorite book: the Bible

Favorite movie: Duck Soup

Favorite musical group/artist: DC Talk

Favorite TV show: Man vs. Wild unless Big Ten women's volleyball counts as a show ;)

What's most important to me: my relationship with Jesus Christ

Three words that best describe me: committed, driven, thinker